February 28, 2018
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The unforeseen shocks in life

There are circumstances that catch you by surprise and make you realise and appreciate many Blessings. Last year in August I had a bad fall and suffered a brain injury. I lost ALL memory, was hallucinating and could not walk, nor could I recognise my family. After 6 months in and out of hospital and ICU, I returned to my home which I did not remember at all. I walked, with a Zimmer Frame, from room to room to examine my belongings and furniture. Fortunately, I am now steady on my feet and well enough to start exercising

After a day or two, I opened my PC- I could not even remember how to send an email or what Facebook and LinkedIn were. It took hours of practice and patience from my daughter to re- learn everything

I have always been blessed with very good health, something I took totally for granted. I will never take any of my Blessings for granted again. I have newfound respect and empathy for sufferers of permanent brain damage, epilepsy and a myriad of other injuries and diseases. It is not fun. There are many clients and candidates whom I have not yet contacted, having only fully recovered last month.

Please forgive me, we REALLY do appreciate and need you. I am working as hard as I am able and will be in touch soon.

In the meantime, value your family, your health, your friends and your career. A freak accident could lose it all instantly.

If you need staff or a new opportunity or know anyone who does – please contact us now.

Inland Positions 011 475 2858 – Danielle and Nakita
Coastal Position 021 531 3050 – Tina or Debby
Clinical Positions Nationally – 021 531 3050
Or see our website www.etalyons.co.za

Eta Lyons

Have a Wonderful 1st Quarter Break.

Warmest Regards,

Eta Lyons
Chief Executive Officer









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