May 2, 2017
February 16, 2018


Our current BBBEE scoring is 4

At Eta Lyons Medical Recruitment, we have adopted a social development strategy with three core areas:

Community Development

Our community development program in Diplaneng in the Eastern Free State was started as response to the HIV/AIDS scourge in that area. Our work focuses on helping orphans and child headed households in that area. The project now also delivers a weekly nutritious meal to about 100 orphans.

Our development plans include craft skills training for women living there.

Skills Development

We constantly seek out young talent, invite them to work with us and let them explore various aspects of the recruitment business.

We actively assist clients with achieving Employment Equity goals. At our workplace, we’ve set clear targets and are well on our way to fulfilling these objectives.

Economic Development

Our strategy will endeavour to exceed minimum sector requirements for broad based BEE.

We have moved beyond looking at percentage black ownership alone.
Our partners bring skills and capacity to the business and we are set to further invigorate the way we do business.

Poverty Alleviation

We are committed to contributing to poverty alleviation in SA. With this in mind, we currently support three black female orphans. One, a young Sotho girl, resides with her church minister in the Eastern Free State and in the Western Cape, two recently orphaned Xhosa girls aged 11 and 9, living with their extended family. We cover the cost of clothing, schooling, transport and food for all three children.