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May 9, 2019

For Our Sports Men & Women & General Interest

For Our Sports men & women & General Interest

The below Cath Lab photographs show the heart of a super-fit, mid-fifties gentleman who is a competitive cyclist.
Two weeks before this, he was finding it difficult to maintain his usual speeds and times, because he was getting short of breath.

He was recovering from a mild respiratory infection, so just rested. When he continued cycling he was still getting short of breath.

He went to his Physician who did an ECG and all was perfect.

He then collapsed. Was rushed in an ambulance to a Cardiologist at another hospital and was slotted straight into Cath Lab.

The horrific finding was there to see. His Coronary Artery was 90% occluded (blocked) and he had a 50% chance of surviving the surgery despite, being super-fit.

Fortunately, a stent was inserted and, as you can you can see, the FANTASTIC difference to blood- flow.

Thanks to our excellent Cardiologists and Cardiology product suppliers, the patient is already cycling again.

Those are the mysterious functions of the Cath Labs.

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