Job Seekers

Thank you for choosing Eta Lyons Medical Recruitment to discuss your career objectives and employment needs. We value our relationship and want to cultivate it. Not only until you find a position but into your future.

Candidates make several career moves as their time progresses. Some, due to retrenchments and matters out of their control and others to grow develop and reach their full potential. We would like to be with you throughout your career. At any time, you can phone us and ask for advice or an opinion, whether it is regarding a promotion to JHB, a problem in the workplace, or how to handle a difficult situation. We have decades of experience and are au fait with Labour Laws and how companies work. We can give you valuable advice.


Where to from here?
You have had your interview and you may or may not be suitable for the position you applied for. Our consultants will have assessed you for various competencies and will have perused your qualifications and experience. We always interview candidates for current positions and also for occupations we know are in demand. With our online registration you also have control in registering with us and searching jobs that may interest you.
We check your references and, in some cases, your credit record and on request from clients we do criminal checks. Our commitment to you is that at all times, you will be treated with the utmost respect. Also that all information supplied will be treated confidentially.
Should we match you to a position, we will contact you and give you the name of the company and describe the position. It is part of our code of ethics for the recruitment industry to inform you of the company we will be forwarding your application to.
Our advice to you, is to work with one or two reputable recruitment companies who abide by the ethics of the industry and have been in business for a good number of years. Our reputation over the past 28 years represents our ethics and business values.

Your Recruitment Consultant
Our recruitment consultants are highly skilled and specialized in the field of medical recruitment and will support you along this journey. We receive 100 s of CVs every week and there is constant liaison with clients and candidates. We will contact you if we have a suitable position but if we do not have a specific vacancy in your niche then we will application on our database and would ask you to update it if there are any changes.

Job Vacancies
When our clients have a position open for whatever reason, they will phone us and give a job specification. In this specification, they will describe the job, the duties, the qualifications and experience they are looking for. Our job is to match our candidates to the specification as closely as possible, as well as match the candidate to culture and style of the company. For example, a very arty flamboyant person, may fail dismally at a structured company with a dictatorial management style, even if his qualifications and experience are perfect.

As recruiters, we do have to satisfy your career need but also give our clients what they are looking for ensuring a “good fit”. So, at times, you may feel frustrated that you have not been put forward for an advertised position, thinking that you are perfect for the position, but, we assure you, it is in our interests to place you successfully!